About the Journal

Cinema Journal is published by University of Texas Pressin cooperation with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, and is always interested in exciting new work in the fields of cinema and media studies. Cinema Journal is open to all areas of humanities-oriented scholarship in media studies. We welcome submissions on film, television, radio, sound, and digital media. Considered one of the top journals in media studies, our acceptance rate is about 15 percent. 

Submission Guidelines

  • To be considered for review, manuscripts should be at least 8,000 words long and no longer than 12,000 words. Word count includes endnotes.

  • Submissions must include an abstract of approximately 100 words and approximately six key words or terms (such as African Cinema, audience, Adorno) that will help us to ensure they are reviewed by an expert in the appropriate area.

  • Cinema Journal receives a high volume of submissions, and each submission that meets our minimum requirements is sent out for expert, anonymous peer review. Because accepted articles are published in the order in which they are submitted, we cannot accommodate requests to accelerate publication for job market or promotion cases. However, the editors are happy to write a letter for authors affirming that the article is accepted and is in queue or in press.
  • Frame enlargements or other illustrative materials must be supplied by authors, who are responsible for obtaining permission to publish them in cases where Fair Use does not apply. Illustrations should be a minimum of 1,500 pixels wide or tall (or at least 3-4 inches when saved at 300 dpi) and have a minimum resolution of 250-300 dpi. Uncompressed TIFF files are best, but other common formats are also acceptable. Do not save your images with compression.
  • For the sake of peer review, please embed low-res images in your manuscript while also uploading the high-res versions separately. The high-res versions are usually too large to send out over email; this will expedite our getting your manuscript out for review. 
  • Cinema Journal only accepts electronic submissions. If for some reason you cannot submit electronically, please contact the editor directly. Please note that Cinema Journal does not accept manuscripts in PDF format. 

For questions regarding manuscripts submitted to Cinema Journal for review, please consult the information in the Cinema Journal editorial wiki.
Submissions in this category should be new, not previously submitted to Cinema Journal. If you have been invited to revise and resubmit your article, please note the specific instructions for this category in the email you received. 

Note that submissions that do not follow the guidelines on the previous page will be desk rejected. Read through these requirements carefully before uploading your manuscript.

Should you have any trouble submitting, please contact Submittable's customer service. If substantive questions arise, you can contact the Cinema Journal editorial team directly.